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Elo Boost

We want to present you the elo boosting website with the best boosters online. Why should you take an elo boost at Boosting World ? We are really quick in what we are doing and we got d1/challenger boosters. Try ours League of Legends elo boosting website and get your account as high as you want.

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Q: How does your website exactly works ?
A: You are paying us for playing on your account and getting higher in soloq ladder, we got experniced D1/Challenger boosters so it’s not a problem.

Q: How many boosters will play on my account ?
A: Our system is created that way, that if the booster that locked your account wont play a game on it for 2 hours it will go to other booster. So probably few boosters will play on your account

Q: I gave account to boosting but now i want to play on it, is it possible ?
A: Yes it is possible, after buying an elo boost you will have special option to pause an order, after pausing order you are allowed to play on your account.

Q: How long does it take to finish my order ?
A: Depends what’s your current division and how much wins you bought, althought it shouldnt take more than few hours if you ordered few wins.

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